About Us

Katalyst Professional Industries is a Houston-based work force assistance organization owned & operated by Jay Wilson 





Jay Wilson ans his colleagues have an extensive background in working with NGOs, Community organizations, and both private & public sector entities. Having developed years of vital experience through networking and collaborating with numerous entities across a diverse spectrum of industries throughout the Houston and San Antonio areas, Katalyst has cultivated a multitude of assets and connections which it utilizes to educate & prepare its clientele for the success they desire. After working with local NGOs for a couple of years in addressing Houston's burgeoning homeless & under-served communities , Jay and a cadre of close like- minded colleagues went on to form KPI with the intent to give back and strengthen those who desire and deserve better.

Because Change Couldn’t Happen Quicker!


Located in the heart of America's Third largest metropolitan area with a GDP of over 450 Billion Dollars, Houston has much opportunity to offer. With our services, we'll put you at the helm of your destiny by giving the edge needed to negotiate the dynamics of this robust market. With representatives who have worked on a diverse range of projects that connect with the wide spectrum of market sectors in Houston, we know what employers are looking for. 

Though automation and globalization are huge buzzwords today for the source of job losses,  we believe that the best innovation in the job market is capable, knowledgeable human labor. Katalyst Professional Industries' sole purpose is to empower the next generation of employees with the skills and traits that will best make them tangible to employers today.